Q: head gasket repair on 1990 Jeep Cherokee

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my straight 6 engine is seeping oil out the passenger side along the seam where the head meets the block. about a quart every wk and a half. otheer then that it runs fine. what can i do on my own? by a shop? estimates?, and is it even worth it money wise? any thoughts and opinions would be grateful.
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Are you sure you are losing that much oil from that "seeping" oil area?

I would guess that your engine would partially consume that oil in a week and a half more likely than leak that much from an external head gasket leak.

In any case, replacing a cylinder head gasket is a fairly big deal, takes a fair amount of time (not terribly bad on this vehicle...), and costs moderate amount of money. (click here: to find out for your car in your area the average cost...)

Only you can answer if it's worth it. Do you love the Jeep? Is it otherwise well maintained and mechanically sound? What are your long term vehicle plans? Replacing a head gasket would be an investment you make if you plan on keeping the truck 1-3 more years.

I recommend getting a perspective and opinion from a qualified technician near you. Here is a link to some local shops:

Good luck!