Q: Have you had a loud and consisten squeaking noise problem with your brakes? on 2008 Infiniti G35

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My car is a CPO under warranty that had new front and rear brakes when I purchased the car 7 months ago. The brakes make a horribly loud squeaking noise everytime I come to a stop. The noise is so loud and disruptive, that I get weird looks from the people in other cars. I notified the dealer of this problem from the point of purchase and they resurfaced the rotors for free twice (max number of times it can be done) with only temporary results each time. The brakes would stop squeaking for a week or two following the resurfacing of the rotors and the problem would come right back. I submitted a formal complaint to Infiniti Consumer Affairs, who denied my request for new brakes. They stated the noise is normal and Infiniti does not acknowledge as a problem. Has anyone else experienced this noisy brake problem and had Infiniti replace them?
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We work on a lot of Infinity G35 but I haven't seen brake squeal issues. Try another brand of brake pads, perhaps Wagner Thermoquite
My brakes have squealed in my 2005 Infiniti FX35 from day 1 (I bought it new). Am just having to replace the rear pads now in Feb. 2011. Was told "it is just an Infiniti characteristic".