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Q: Have been told that my Subaru needs a head or gasket change on 2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca

Just had the two top hoses replaced as well as the belt, after doing this they topped up the cooling system with new coolant and then supposedly did a CO Test on the cooling system and told us their was CO in the coolant, up to getting the leak from the top hose we never lost any coolant and the engine has never gone past the middle of the temp gauge except for pulling the camper trailer across the Nullabor on a 51 degree celcius day where it went up one bar past the middle. Even the oil level has never moved, vehicle is serviced by the book and is coming up for its 95000km service. Have been told that this will cost me anywhere between $2000 to $6000. To me it sounds suspicious since as I said the car is not going through coolant and not eating oil, also their has been no power loss or smoke coming out the exhaust, since putting the new belt and pipes on everything seems to be back to normal again. Any help would be appreciated.
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I have had mostly good things with my car, but last summer (2014) I was told there was a slight leak in the head gasket and told to watch leakage, that a new one would eventually be needed. I was also told I needed bushings and they needed to replace the whole axle as they don't just do bushings. Luckily, my cousin works on cars and said to bring it to him when I visited the family (he's in another state). He looked over everything and said there was NO way I needed either, and that based on my mileage (130K), it was normal to have a little leakage when I was doing a lot of driving (mostly highway). The bushings had no cracks and were still pliable, also, so those still had a lot of wear yet. If you can find a good old-fashioned honest mechanic in your area, go to them - they will do right by you. I had one, but he lost everything in his divorce, and I had no choice but to go to the dealer for one item, that then netted me the other advice. I am glad I didn't follow it and will now see my cousin for everything if possible!
They give a lot of problems with head gaskets this i know! You can always get a second opinion.
Thats what the mechanic said, bloody hard when your in a small town and theirs only about 3 other mechanics which will touch Subaru's. Will probably do it though just to make sure.
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Head gasket problems are a commom problem with Subaru. They could have gotten a false positive test. You could do a wait and see if a problem developes.
Noticed this morning that they didn't do what they have said in the paperwork, supposed to have drained and flushed the system however on checking it this morning it looks like all they did was fill it up, since their is only a hint of the coolant in the system. Looks mostly like water.
Sometimes exhaust pressure will get into coolant from a bad head gasket. However I would be very suspicious of a DX of a head gasket on a vehicle unless it runs really hot for no reason and you find excessive pressure from exhaust heat in the coolant. I had that problem so bad that within 3 minutes of running the engine the temp gauge for coolant would be over 3/4 hot and before I could get out of the car and open the hood I could actually hear the pressure and see bubbling in the overflow tank. I did not have any excessive oil usage, loss of power, or smoke coming out the exhaust, but I was using coolant and the engine did overheat about 2 month before the problem became apparent. Towing a Camper trailer with a Tribeca in that heat in just being reckless and probably could have been the cause and not a vehicle defect.
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