Q: Have a 2001 E430 4Matic have a ticking noise in the intake manifold on 2001 Mercedes-Benz E430 4MATIC

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Mechanic says the valves in the intake manifold have carbon on them. He put some cleaner in the motor through the purge valve to clean it but still have the noise Whats up? What do you think? The car is real nice looking but it is embarassing when the car is idleing and it sounds like an old junk box.
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It's hard to say what is the cause without hearing the noise first hand. BMW used to call for removing the manifold and blasting the back of the intake valves with crushed walnut shells many years ago but now we have good detergents. If it is build up on the back of the valves perhaps putting injector cleaner through the injectors using an OTC type fuel injection cleaning system may work. You would need a boreascope to see the deposits. GM and BG make good top end cleaners, I have also used "Seafoam".