Q: Harmonic balancer oil seal leak on 1990 Toyota Pickup

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leak is coming from crankshaft pulley or behind where seal is as i have diagnosed this on my own with gunk and steam cleaner it is the only leak what would the price be to have this done? this is the seal on front cover where crankshaft is.
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A 22RE engine that develops an oil leak around the crankshaft pulley is usually the crankshaft pulley seal and often it is prudent to replace the O-Ring that is behind the housing that the crankshaft seal is retained in. That housing is the oil pump and it frequently leaks from that O-Ring as it gets old and brittle due to heat. If a groove is worn in the crankshaft pulley FelPro make a gasket set that also includes a "Speedi-sleeve" to repair the journal surface. The Fel Pro kit is cheaper than the cumulative price total of Toyota dealer parts.
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Very common for these to leak in this area. Proper repair would be to remove front crankshaft pulley, remove 5 bolts to oil pump. Replace oil pump o-ring ($10-15) and front crankshaft seal ($10-$18) @ the same time. Don't do one without the other!
Approx cost for a shop to perform this $195
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