Q: grinding noise in park or neutral? on 2004 Ford Focus

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Hello, i have an 04 focus wagon and am experiencing a very odd grinding noise when i shift into park or neutral. Once the noise starts (and there is no rhyme or reason to when it happens, and so far it has been on 2 occasions, about a week apart) a second noise begins, like the fan blowing, very loudly, but popped the hood, and it is not the fan it is definately under the engine block. Finally, some of the electrical systems turn off when it happens, namely the radio and some of the interior lights. After it happening consistently for 3 or 4 shifts, I turned the car off, and upon restarting it some 20 seconds later, could not replicate the sound. There are no problems going though gears in drive, the transmision was flushed no more than a month ago.
Thanks for your help, Mike
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