Q: Grinding noise from front brakes on 2007 Buick Lucerne

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Brakes have a grinding noise after driving car for about 1 hr--replaced pads and rotors--still have noise--any ideas on what might cause this
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I have 2007 LuCerne with "Continental" tires........Dealer has a bulletin on tire noise fix. Take tires off rims, clean wheels, lubricate rim, replace tires. This fixes the problem for about 2 weeks! It is a known problem that is commom with the "Continental" tires! I just came back from my dealer and am waiting for a call. They lubed my tires about a month ago...lasted two weeks. The best way to test this is to put 50 lbs. of pressure into both front tires, if it is the tires, the noise will dissapear.
Technician at Dealer showed me this, and he was right!
Yes, this noise does sound like grinding brake pads!!!!!
Noise only when you apply brakes. Front wheel bearing are both new--no change. Think it is the pad which are ceramic. Had rotors changed no change
I have the same problem. Sorry I am not answering your question. I may add that I have put factory OEM rotors and pads on. I also replaced the wheel bearing and the caliper. Still no fix. Mine is when braking coming to a stop sign after the car is warm or braking hard for traffic on the expressway. You would swear that the pads and rotors are metal on metal. Next stop..... driveshaft and bearing where the driveshaft goes in the tranny. Mine is drivers front only if that helps.
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