Q: Getting your dealer to pay for a/c problems at no charge. on 2004 BMW X3

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Hi: My wife drives a 2008 328xi. I know this is the X3 section, but it's where I found the most info on all the a/c-related problems in the 3 Series.

Anyway, our car has been in for two a/c problems in the last year, which were covered by the four-year service warranty. The a/c stopped blowing cold air a week or so ago, and I took it to a local garage that found the freon was very low.

They charged it and did a dye test, which revealed nothing. The service guy at the shop mentioned how many BMW's are having a/c problems, frequently in the evaporator core. He recommended talking to the dealer to avoid having to pay the garage for a hefty repair.

When I called the dealer service department, they were very reluctant to look at the car, telling me to keep driving it to see if charging the system worked. I can already tell the air is not blowing as cold as it should. I want them to inspect it and repair it. Since it looks like a system problem, I don't want to be on the hook for it.

Any advice? Thanks!
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If the problem is out of their warranty period then they will be off the hook. So far you do not know if it is an evaporator problem till inspected. If is not then you should be on the hook for the inspection and repairs if you ok. If the vehicles have an evap problem they are not going to cover it indefinitely. Just having one tech tell you it is likely an evap problem does not mean it is so. For all the dealer knows the dash was taken apart for another reason by anyone else and that could have started the ball rolling for the problem you now have. You can fight with them but I guarantee you that threats and yelling, if you do, will get you no where. You could have purchased an extended warranty but I never rrecommend those because the odds are always in the insurance company's favor.