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Q: General Maintenance on 1999 Toyota Camry

I have a 99 Camry with a 2.2 I4. I was thinking about doing some routine maintenace such as changing the differential fluid and the transmission fluid. The differential fluid has never been changed. Can you tell me which kind would be the best and how much of it I would need (some people tell me that if I change the trans. fluid, it automatically changes the fluid in the differential also, is that true? I do have to change the trans. and differential fluid seperately, right?). As for the Transmission fluid, I recently changed the fluid including filter and gasket about five thousand miles ago. Is it time to change it again? If I do, is it a good idea to start using synthetic trans. fluid? My last question is that I am having some idle trouble which occurs ONLY at startup sometimes. It has become more common especially in the summer. As soon as I would start my engine, the engine would start and then idle down to about 200 RPM (it usually is around 800 RPM). Then, if I give it some gas, it becomes normal. I have done the tune-up which included the wires, plugs, fuel filter, pcv valve, and air filter (all TOYOTA parts). Is it the IAC valve? Do I have to get that cleaned? Please tell me what I should do about cleaning the IAC valve, if it is the right thing to do or not. It's driving me crazy. Thanks.
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Do you have an automatic or manual trans? As for the idle air control, try spraying some carb cleaner in the throat of the throttle body as you hold the rpm to about 2000. I find that this often clears up the idle air control motor that gets carbon inside of it. If this does not work after 2-3 tries, then you may have to spring for a new idle air control unit. Good Luck!

With an Automatic Transmission, you can just change the fluid and filter. It is also best to flush the transmission which flushes the torque converter as well. i am pretty sure that teh transaxle gears are all integral with the trans but I will check my diagram at work on this Monday. Email me and I will verify this. I recommend doing this every 30,000 miles under normal driving. Be SURE to use the trans fluid that Toyota recommends. It should be specified in your owner's manual. The idle air control motor can be sprayed as you spray into the throttle body. As you spray, there is about a 1/2 inch slot on the bottom of the throttle body that goes to the IAC. The engine vacuum will suck the cleaner through the IAC as you spray if you keep the revs about 2000. Spray some and then wiat 20 seconds or so, so you don't over work the Catalytic Converter. I own and drive a '98 Camry 4 cyl and this is what I do and it seems to work just fine. Best of Luck!

You can just spray into the bottom right area of the Throttle Body and the Idle Air Control Valve will suck it through. I have found that if this doesn't work, then taking it off will not really help that much because either the motor is wearing out or the shutter valve is jamming. It is best to get a new valve in this case. But try the Spraying at least on a couple of different days. Sometimes it takes more than 1 'treatment' so to speak. Best of Luck!
I have an automatic transmission. About the idle air control, I can definitely try that and see if that helps, but when I spray into the throttle body, I should spray into the idle air control valve from the inside too, right? If this doesn't work, would I need a new IAC or can I get this one cleaned? Thanks.
I don't have your email address. Did you get a chance to check if my transmission fluid and differential fluid are linked together? If they're not, which kind of differential fluid is required on a 99 Camry 2.2 I4 Automatic Transmission? For the transmission flush, when should a person begin to use synthetic trans. fluid? If possible, please let me know which are the best type of fluids I can get for the transmission flush and the differential fluid change because I plan to do both. Also, for the IAC, you said to spray it into the throttle body at about 2000 RPM, how many times should I spray in there and for how long? Would the spray damage the sensor by any chance? Will this cause the MIL to come on? Thanks.
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