Q: Gas Leak on 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt

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Good morning all. I am inquiring about my car leaking gas. I have owned it for 9 months (I bought it used...the previous owners only used it to drive to work and back home and, as far as I can tell, took good care of it). I first noticed the check engine light on a week prior to my car actually leaking gas. When it does leak gas, it only leaks about a fifth of my tank so I have "quick-fixed" it by not filling up my tank all the way and it seems to stem the leak. I did some investigation and found that the primary cause of these leaks was the crappy molded plastic fuel pump assembly (they tend to crack and break over a period of time) they put on the vehicles at the factory. I am just looking for feedback to either confirm or deny this. I know that with concerns about gas leaks it could be a lot of stuff down there but I am hoping to narrow down the possibilities by just a little bit so I can tell the mechanic exactly what I need done to minimize labor hours. Thank you very much for your feedback.
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The fuel pump is not all of the problem, I had my fuel pump replaced because of the recall. It still smelled of gas. Took back to the dealer and they pulled gas tank and pressurized the tank, it sprayed gas out the connector at the top of the tank. The gas tank will have to be replaced because there is no repair part, it comes with the tank. And this is the best part the tanks are on back order, it could take weeks to even get one. Anyone thinking that this recall should of been on the gas tank.
I haven't heard on any specific problems with this model, ans I looked at the service bulletins and found nothing. These tanks generally have a removable cover on the top of the tank, to gain access to the fuel pump, and this cover has a seal and the seal may be that source of the leak.
I would have to believe that this is a warranty issue, whether it's the seal or the tank. (emissions warranty)