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Q: "Gas Cap" light stays on...... on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

"Gas Cap" light came on several weeks ago, so I replaced it after checking that it was secured properly. Light still on.
I took it into a local shop and was put on OBD-2 tester and it said possible leak in welds on metal filler tube. Pulled it off and checked for leaks and vacuum tested it and found no problems.. Anyone had similar problems?......
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My '06 Pacifica had 'gas cap' lite at odometer AND 'ck eng' light come on. The codes were P0455 and P0456. Replaced gas cap with Chrysler cap but didn't fix prob. Had scan test and smoke test done and found leak in evap system at right side fuel pump. Had to drop tank for repair. Turns out this is somewhat of a common prob on '06-'07 Pacifica. There is a tube that connects the two fuel pumps and over the course of time and miles, the tube shrinks, pulling sideways on a vapor fitting on top of pump cracking it causing vapor leak, triggering the 2 indicators on dash. In my case it was the right side pump. Unfortunately, the cracked fitting is a permanent part of pump so when it cracks you can't replaced the fitting, you have to replace the whole pump (and the pre formed tube, approx 30" long) and Chrysler hasn't changed the design of the pump and has issued no recalls. Two aftermarket pumps wouldn't work, had to use Chrysler pump. The usual cost for this repair (rt side pump)is approx $700-$800. Hope you don't have to go this route.
i am having that same problem with my also having a problem with my a/c clutch not engaing
Did you get this problem solved? I've had the same one. Taking it to the dealer tomorrow. Will follow up.
I have the same problem, I replaced gas cap a year ago, now light comes on I've replaced cap and it's still on. Haven't brought it in yet.
gas cap light is a gross leak the system sees and turns on that light.
you need a shop with a smoke tester, scan tool to manipulate the solenoids and a voltmeter to check wiring.

Is there anyone who owns a 2006 Pacifica that doesn't have a constant "gas cap" and "engine light" on?
I bought a new Chrysler gas cap and replaced old one - problem not resolved.
Why is Chrysler permitted to simply "turn it's back" on so many customers who have this same problem.
How can it be that they have an $800.00 repair bill BUILT IN to this particular model vehicle and have not issued a recall?
This is infuriating.
My car cannot pass inspection in NY State because of the dashboard "engine light".
I have just over 9000 miles on the car.
No more Chrysler for me.
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