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Q: Fuse for the turn signal/back-up lamps keeps blowing. on 1995 Geo Tracker

All bulbs good & the hazards work.
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The problem is more than likely in the reverse lights, try this, replace the fuse, DO NOT shift the trans. operate the signal lights in both directions, does the fuse blow? If not turn off signals and shift to reverse, does fuse blow now? I think if the circuit to the signal lights were shorted, your four way flashers would not work either since they share the same wiring! Back up lights circuit is the most likely suspect.
Thanks for your reply! I checked the reverse light circuit, it checked out with continuity. I replaced the fuse & shifted the car into reverse, it blew the fuse ! I then disconnected the reverse light switch & the turn signals worked ! I'll replace the switch !!
That is cool, but the switch may not be the problem, still could be, and most likely is a shorted wire or defective bulb/socket. Try removing both rev. light bulbs to see if fuse still blows. If it does then you most likely have a shorted or damaged wire going to the lights. If it does not blow the fuse, check bulbs to be sure they are the correct type, then check for shorted or damaged bulb socket. Volt/Ohm meter can check to see if hot wire is shorted to ground!! WITH THE BULBS OUT, SWITCH and BATTERY UNHOOKED, meter on ohm scale, place the red lead on positive wire and black lead to a known good ground, should NOT get a reading! If you do repair short to ground. Or just ride without reverse lights!
I removed the reverse lights and Yes it blew the fuse.I removed the bulbs,switch & unhooked the battery & got NO reading.Any idea where the short could be ?How do I chase it down ? Thanks for your help !!
Were you using the OHM scale on your meter at that time, to measure resistance? One more thing, without shifting at all, push on brake pedal several times to see if the fuse blows. Just thought that you do this each time while shifting and the brake lights could be the problem.
I was using the OHM scale. I don't always brake when I shift & I haven't blown the fuse yet. Thanks again for your help !
Wnen shifting into reverse, most of the time the brakes are also applied. Always if it's an auto. trans. The reason i said without shifting at all is to determin which action was blowing the fuse! Shifting into reverse OR pushing the brake pedal.
You are welcom!
It's a 5 speed.I checked continuity on the reverse switch & I had continuity when in gear & none when out of gear. With the switch disconnected I am not blowing fuses .
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