Q: funny noise when I turn to the right on 1993 Subaru Loyale

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My car make noise ( sort of a grinding, growling) sound when I turn to the right also to the left but not so pronounced. Going forward, it seems to be OK. Whats wrong and how much to fix. Car runs well otherwise
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The brake pad has a metal warning finger on the pad to alert you the brake pad is worn. If it is a clicking sound that increases with intensity with tightness and speed of a turn it could be a worn axle CV joint. Other possibility is a worn wheel bearing.
Thanks for responding. Could it also be a bad CV axle? Do I have to replace CV joint if I replace the axel. What do you think it would cost to fix? Are you local? I live in Loveland ,CO.
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If the noise is present when turning the steering wheel and the vehicle is NOT moving, you may have power steering system noise or maybe even a strut bearing plate. Make sure you have adequate power steering fluid in the resevoir.
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