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Q: Fuel Pump vs. Dreaded Engine Replacment?? on 2006 Hummer H3

My H3 literally stopped on me while driving. I pull over and while waiting for a ride, I try it, and it starts. Decide to take it in to the closest mechanic, get about two blocks, and it stops again. Won't start. Towed to Firestone. No Check Engine Light on. Firestone calls the next afternoon, states the "codes" in the system call for sensor (Cam Shaft and something else) but they replaced them and now the computer is locked. Have to take to GM/Hummer Dealer-4 blocks away. Mechanic states "it will run for about 15mins so go ahead and get there pretty quick". Start truck, Check Engine Light is now ON.
Call from GM dealer two days later- Good news and bad. Good news is, its a fuel pump, bad news is its $1200 to fix.
As a side note, picked the H3 up from body work two days before this happened....hit a deer on the driver's side....should say vaporized a deer on the highway, and had just had $3200 in body work done on the truck.

1. Related to deer damage?
2. Really $1200??
3. Noticed a problem with these "lean codes" etc that suggests replacement or repair of engine. I don't want to do that, BUT I don't want to pay 1200 for the wrong fix and still be out the engine/engine work.
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First and foremost, lean code have NOTHING TO DO WITH ENGINE REPLACEMENT. Who ever told you that is clueless. Lean codes have to do with a vacuum leak, weak fuel pump, worn out or dirty mass air flow sensor etc. All very reasonable repairs. As for the fuel pump, an H3 is basically a Chevy truck frame and motor with a Hummer body. Chevy trucks wear out their fuel pumps at about 75k, very common. I do 1 a week. The 1200 is because it is a Hummer and it is much harder to take out the tank. I hope this sheds a little light on your situation.
Thanks for your reply. It does make me feel better. The Firestone place alluded to it being the engine due to some code that they said was notorious on H3s. Something about endplay? Thanks again for the reply!
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