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Q: Fuel Pump Replacement/Jetta 2005.5 (new body style) on 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

Hi, I had my engine light coming on and the dealerhsip didn't know why. (Note: my car was running fine) Finally after the 3rd time they said my fuel pump was leaking. Had it replaced. Within the week my car started riding rough, after the car would warm up, it would start jerking/sputtering at different speeds. Ive taken it back multiple times, had multiple things replaced (fuel filter, spark plugs, diffrent tests done, etc... Ive spent over $1800 with zero results because they say they can't find anything wrong with the car. I've asked to replace the pump since their labor has a two year warranty and ive been told no becuase their test come back negative on something being wrong with the fuel pump. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Btw, I live in Germany and my car is American Specs.
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@Bungle, thanks for replying. Codes: P0107 and P3081. I think those are it. Paperwork is in German, had to understand since there are alot of acronyms. Not so easy to find another shop. I have taken it to two VW dealerships (multiple times), and one private mechanic but he only works on bmw's and mercedes. He looked at my car as a favor to someone. He said from what I understood, that too much fuel was going into the engine and causing it to choke. He thought I had the wrong fuel pump. Now Audi A4 has the same engine and VW's german specs didn't come with a 5 cyclinder, only in 6 cylinder. So im guessing the fuel pump pressure has to be greater for one than the other. I could be wrong, speculations only. You think ignition coils?
@Bungle, I think you might be right. I looked up the symptoms and this is what I found: Failing ignition coils can cause the engine to run roughly or a lack of power upon acceleration.The Check Engine Light will often flash when the engine is misfiring—continuing to drive under these conditions can damage the catalytic converter. ****My car has this exact symptom : lack of power upon acceleration and some others as well.
And I thought auto repair was a problem in the US. I think you picked the wrong repair shop unfortunately.
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