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Q: fuel pump fuse on 2003 Nissan Murano

I have a 2003 Murano and the fuel pump fuse has failed in the last 5 months. What can cause this? thanks for any input
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I just looked at a wiring diagram to see if there is anything else on the circuit that could blow that 15 amp fuse. There is the fuel pump relay and it brings power out to the fuel pump on the Black Yellow wire, can't see anything else that would contribute to the fuse blowing only the pump, Could there be any rodent damage to the wiring?
Thanks for your input autotechpat The fuse blew 2 times in about 5 months. Both time it was after a few stops at stores.I'll see if I can find any broke wires but the car is used all the time so i don't think it is critters. Thanks again Bill
This just happened to me on my way to Myrtle Beach. I was told by Nissan dealership that these things don't just go out. They questioned if anyone had been messing with my fuel system as this just doesn't happen. We've yet to figure out what the issue was/is, but hoping it doesn't happen again!
I have had the same experience 3 times in the last year.All three times it was on a very hot day, after driving a long distance.I shut the car off, for a quick errand the car wouldn't start.I belive that the fuse is blowing in the start mode.
Hello fellow Murano owners. I am the original post with this problem. I never found out what is causing this but did get a fix that seams to have worked. I installed a resetting fuse inplace of the original fuse. I don't know if it was ever tripped but my wife has not(knock on wood) called me to tell me she is stranded. Hope Nissan comes up with a better cure. Oh yea you have to customise the fuse alittle to get it to fit under the fuse cover.
I just had this happen to me this weekend, after an hour and a half in the car, stopped for 5 minutes and then couldn't get it running again. Mechanic says it was the fuel pump, they ran diagnostics. It was a hot day also. Had this happen two years ago on a very hot day, same kind of circumstances. Spent a lot of time in the car, stopped for a 10-15 timeframe and then fuel pump wouldn't work.
I hope this thread has not gone dead. I have had the identical problem several times with my 2003 Murano. The last time it happened (7/12/2013 heat wave in CT) it was a very hot day and I did not use the A/C, I was driving around most of the day with no problem. Then when I put on the A/C, 45 min later, the fuel pump fuse blew. As I recall all the previous times it was a Hot day and I was running the A/C. Hopefully this will help wiring Gurus, to figure out were to look for the problem.. I like my Murano, but this is a pain in the butt!
I posted back in 2010 and did the resetting fuse thing and that worked for a good while. Finally broke again and changed the fuel pump no problem since. I guess it was a bad pump. A little expensive but worth it. The pump is under the back seat. I let a dealer do it.
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