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Q: fuel pump and sensor on 2000 Mercedes-Benz ML430

I recently took my 2000 Mercedes ML430 in for stalling while driving, would always restart (sometimes took several hours of sitting though). The repair shop replaced the fuel filter, I still had the same problem. The shop said I needed to replace the fuel pump. Isnt there a sensor on the dash that indicates this (I read it somewhere)? And this a normal indication of a bad fuel pump? My previous encounters with fuel pumps is that they either work or they dont.
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After working as master tech at MB dealer for 8 yrs my experience has shown that a fuel pump RARELY will quit while driving. No there is NOT a fuel pressure sensor on this vehicle. if i was working on this ML430 i would replace the crankshaft position sensor as they will fail exactly as u described.. some shops may think the pump is bad but they dont realize that without a crank signal the fuel pump will NOT run!. Ive seen many 2001 and earlier MBZ's quit while runnin and mysteriously run fine by the time they get towed to dealership. Usually but not always No trouble code will be stored surprisingly.Replace CKP sensor with updated unit
I felt like i had to respond to this myself as i just got done with the same problem ....i have a 2000 ml 430 and for the past few months it has been stalling in mid flight ie(drive) and then i would come out to it and it would just turn over nover nover and would not start at all i called different dealers in the other to ask thier opinion on what the problem was ?? they said , it could ve been a variety of reasons lol of course )they would say that they just want your $$$$$ so finally upon desperation to find my answer i looked on this forum and realized it WAS in fact the CRANKSHAFT SENSOR causing all my issues my boyfriend changed it out and the truck has been running great ever since !!!! so if this is your problem? Start with a CRANKSHAFT SENSOR ...i ve been told they are famous for giving out over a period of time ....!!!!! Best of luck !! Kyristynia Boston Ma
I just went through a similar issue with my 1999 ML430. It was the crank shaft sensor. Would start and run fine when cold. Once the engine was warm it would die and would not start. I replaced the crank shaft sensor and no problem since. It is hard to get at located on top of the transmission bell housing between the engine block and the firewall. Have to take the driver side tire off and remove the plastic fender housing and a heat sheild. That is the easy part. I also hade to buy two socket extensions and a #6 torque tip socket to get out the single bolt. Easier with two people. Not sure if this is your issue.

Good luck
There is no indicator on the dash for a Fuel Pump failure. There is a Check Engine Light, but that has to do with your emissions system, which includes your pump. If you had a weak pump, you may set a fuel system lean code ( P0171 ). Before replacing the fuel pump, I would want a more conclusive inspection, What is the Fuel Pressure and Volume? What is the Fuel Pump drawing in Amperage? Is the pump noisy, like it is wearing out. What proof do they have? When it stalls, does it have Spark and no Fuel? Has this been proven? Mercedes have Crank Sensor problems. Have they checked for codes? This is only the beginning of the inspections for a proper diagnosis. Good Luck!

I very much agree with Kompressor, a Crank Sensor is much more likely to quit intermittently than a Fuel Pump. Its also a common problem on not only Mercedes, but many other European cars. Best of Luck!
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