Q: fuel line replacement on 1994 Mitsubishi Expo

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I need some help!!! much should it cost to replace a fuel line or hose? I have a small leak from the rubber hose leading to the gas tank and should I remove my gas before taking it in for repair?
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There is rarely a standard repair time for repairing fuel lines, so it is hard to accurately estimate this repair. If it is common, then a shop may have a set time, but I don't know of this being a problem with the Expo.
If the fuel tank needs to be removed to replace the line, then having less fuel in the tank will be a help to the technician, and this may or may not effect the estimate.
Sorry I can't give better info than that. Hope it helps
There is a large diameter rubber(1-1/2 ") fuel tank supply hose leading from the filler neck which is metal, drops and bends 90 degrees to horizontal. This rubber hose is clamped to the filler neck at that point and is about 10-14 " long. The other end goes to a metal neck attached to the tank. I forget the exact length and diameter, but mine was leaking mainly from cracks in the hose when I filled tank up, and would stop when fuel dropped to 3/4 full. I had to remove it any way, which was not easy as it was a tight fit at the tank connection, but once out, took it to NAPA and matched it to the exact dia. and cut to length or bought a 18 " length and cut it. Getting it in was easier than out, but that solved my problem.