Fuel Filter Replacement on 2004 Buick Rainier

Hello there!

I have seen answers to questions that the fuel filter is located underneath the fuel tank. I am not able to locate it. Is it under the spare tire?

Is it possible to change on a driveway without having to lift up the vehicle?

I feel like I am blind but could not find it, sorry.

Thanks in advance for your help! The manual does not list anything for the fuel filter!

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The fuel filter on your 2004 Buick Rainer is NOT located underneath the fuel tank. It is INSIDE of the fuel tank as part of the fuel pump module assembly. There is no recommended service interval for it's replacement and it is not serviced separately, it can only be replaced as part of the fuel pump module. The filter is designed to last the life of the fuel pump.
It is very possible 2004 was a transition year for external fuel filters on Buick Rainer's. If you check the fuel lines under your Rainer and do not see a fuel filter that would indicate the filter is inside the fuel tank. If your Rainer has and external fuel filter it would be pretty hard to miss if you went looking for it.
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The fuel filter is located on the inside of the fram under the drivers seat
the fuel filter is located under vehicle, in front of fuel tank, It is fastened in a bracket with a philips head screw holding the clamp tight. It is located under left rear passenger seat, just ahead of the fuel tank.