Q: Fuel Delivery problem on 1991 Ford Tempo

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the car was idling for about 5 min and then died. i went the next day and replaced the cap and rotor plugs and wires. still nothing. I checked fuel pressure to the rail, no pressure. i popped off the fuel line going into the fuel filter and it was dry. i believe it is the fuel pump but i dont want to tell the owner that and it not be it. i tried reseting the fuel cutoff switch too. with no help. Is there a way to test the pump or is there other things it could be?
(2) Answers
The fuel pressure test is how you test the pump, with the manual gauge. Sounds like you have a fuel pump issue as long as your testing is valid.
try using a jumper wire from battery to term 30 on relay or if 92 and above go from battery to wire with pink w/green stripe by back probing the connector on constant control relay module on driver side strut tower this will bypass relay and tell you if the pump works if pump runs then its probably your relay/relay module or the wiring to relay good luck