Q: front tire wear, inner side on 1997 Honda Prelude

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I have been having uneven front tire wear for a long time. The inside edge is more worn out than the outside. It usually takes about 10,000 miles to notice this after putting new front tires on. Since I noticed the problem six years ago, I do not rotate my directional tires, so I do not wear my rear tires out prematurely as well. I have had alignment jobs done 4x since 2003. Honda did it 3x, 1x by a private garage. Honda changed the front driver-side inner tie rod in 2005 during one of the alignments, and the private garage changed the front driver-side outer tie rod in 2008. However, i noticed the problem still exists. Any ideas on what to do? Do I have something else wrong with my car? I've heard about laser alignment, is that better?
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Assuming the toe-in is properly set after 4 alignments, its sounds as though your Prelude has excessive negative camber (lean of the wheel in at the top). This angle is fixed and not adjustable with factory suspension. You will need to seek out a proactive alignment shop (most shops have the "set the toe and let her go" philosophy) that will check for correct ride height first. If that is out of spec a new set of springs would be needed and the camber angles rechecked to determine if that fully corrected the problem. If camber still requires correction, an aftermarket camber kit should be installed to allow for additional adjustment. Good Luck!