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Q: Front end on 1994 Ford Aerostar

2 months ago our front end has been shaking and popping when we'd drive veering to the right. We could make a turn without accelerating and it would NOT pop or shake. It only would shake and pop if the road turned to the right and we we driving at 30+ mph.

Last week we smelled electric burning and the inside dash lights,speedometer, and radio stopped working.Only one of the three fuses was blown when I replaced the blown fuse it sizzled, so I pulled it and the other two fuses. After pulling these 3 fuses We've not had any additional electrical problems.

Last night when we drove the van it began shaking uncontrollably (after running over a branch) when we would go faster than 20mph(even without turning). We drove it 8 miles home at 20mph without incident unless we went faster. The wheel is very loose feeling having to turn it a quarter turn to make the wheel turn at all. I looked underneath and both sides have black grease or oil like substance all over both half axle areas.

Is it just something easier like a front axle,tie rods,or CV joints that needs replaced or could there be a problem with the electronic 4 wheel drive system (which might have caused the electrical issues last week)? Is the electrical a coincidence? The problem is to get into the 4WD is a much bigger issue than having someone replace the axle. I am not sure how ELECTRIC 4WD works and how much of this could effect it. Advice?
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Your steering system sounds very dangerous, so have that inspected and repaired ASAP before you hurt your self or some one else. As for the electrical system hard to say, it may or may not be related, but if your are blowing fuses and they are sizzling, you definitely have a shorted circuit. Look at the fuse panel, there are little labels for what each fuse does, or look in your owners manual for an explanation of what each fuse does.

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