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BMW Z4 Front Control Arm Bracket Bushings May Fail

BMW Z4 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Average Mileage: 60,076 mi (36,000 mi - 95,000 mi)


Failure of the front control arm bracket bushingsoften referred to as thrust rod bushingsis moderately common. One symptom is a clunk or jolt felt in the steering when braking.

  • , , 50,458 mi

    Front end Bushings shot. Mechanic (BMW specialist) checking for other issues.

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  • , , 68,000 mi

    Same problem in my 2006 z4 roadster. It cost a total of 918!to have it fixed at Pep Boys. It sucks when the ball joints go bad the entire assembly has to be replaced.

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  • , , 54,000 mi

    cracking noise when in reverse with steering wheel to the right (such as backing out of driveway) or when approaching a speed bump with left wheel first. Mechanics said the ball joint/suspension sockets, control arm are all bad and costs over $1,000. I hit a pot hole at about 35-34 mhp before i started hearing this sound.

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  • , , 57,000 mi

    Clunk noise when in reverse
    Had mechanic checked and found that lowered arm bushing is wornout.
    Replaced the pair

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  •  Rookie

    Bought the car used when it had 27,000 miles on it. It currently has 44,000. The car feels like at certain times the car frame is going to break in half. I have not had it fixed at this time.

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  • , , 95,000 mi

    I have already had the control arm bushings replaced one year ago (@ 72,000 miles) and they have already gone out again

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