Q: Found a leak in front of rear right hand side tyre on 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL320

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Found an oil leak of some sort in front of my rear right hand side wheel.Wonder what it is from.Thank you
Regards Ian
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There is no "oil" arround the area of the front wheels. The possibilities are a leakage of brake fluid (either from a brake caliper or brake flexible hose) your car is rear wheel drive so its not a case of a CV boot leaking grease , power steering fluid could be leaking from the steering rack boot or being sprayed out under pressure if a power steering hose is going bad.
I too noticed this recently. It happens when I have the air con running. It also looks like it is designed to to this because the water is coming out of an apparent hose opening.
I found a whitish fluid under the passenger side rear tire which was viscous but turned to whitish chalky material . My top won't go down now is that the problem you had?
Same problem 1996 sl 320 . Turned out to be a leak on a hidrolic cilender opperating soft top