Q: Fan Speed Control on 2010 Honda Fit

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I know some on this that said their Fan Speed Control on their 2009 and 2011 had quit. I have a 2010 and mine stopped at 45320. It works only on high. Any suggestions.
Where to find the part that I need or any other suggestion
(2) Answers
Mine is a 2009 Fit. Fan quit working accept on (high) no.4 a couple yrs ago. It was still under warranty so the dealership fixed it. Now it has gone out again and I'm sure my warranty has ran out by now. I have an appointment this week to have it fixed AGAIN. This has to be a defect and Honda should be responsible for the cost , but I'm sure I will have to pay for it. They should do a recall on this problem !!!! Only have 32,000 mileage on it and much less than that when it quit the first time.
Yes. I have a 2010 Fit and the fan quit working correctly last summer. It was late in the season so I left it. Now that the heat is returning it is time to check it out and get it fixed. Frustrated to see so many comments about this issue but apparently there is no responsibility being taken by Honda to recall or provide the fix.
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