2006 Volkswagen Rabbit Q&A

2006 Volkswagen Rabbit Question: fan noise intermittent when starting car behind passenger airbag

Happens upon start up and comes on 2 or 3 times then it's done. -
Answer 1
The heater blower fan is behind the dash near the glovebox area if it makes a little noise when the engine is first turned on or the car first has the key turned on then there may be a leave caught in the blower motor or the brushes in the motor may be going out. It is easily taken out to inspect from the passenger footwell area. -
Comment 1
Back to the drawing board - fan is out but it's not the problem - my husband says it sounds like a chattering magnetic coil - can't hear it under the hood, only in the car - and directly in that passenger area. Any other ideas are so welcomed!!! -
Comment 2
I have this problem with my rabbit and I believe it is the pump for the windshield washer fluid. Mine makes the noise when it starts and also when going from a forward gear to reverse or vice versa but not when switching between forward gears, it also makes the sound when spraying the windshield hence my "diagnosis". I dont know for sure if this is the culprit but that is my thought, hope it helps. No I have not done anything to fix it. -