Q: Fan does NOT come on on 1999 Buick Century

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My 1999 buick century fan goes not come on and it takes a while the engine to cool down off when it the car is turned off. Also when I idol the engine heat level goes up just past the half way point. Any ideas on what could be cause the fan not to come on. Also when my engine is hot my car is hestiate to starts. Any ideas.
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Check to see if the cooling fan on your 1999 Buick Century comes on when the Air Conditioning is turned on. If it does the system is probably OK. The cooling fans on most late model vehicles will not turn on until the temperature is 220 - 225 degrees. That would most likely be with your temp gauge reading about 3/4 but not yet in the red. When your Century is hard to start does the engine crank over normally or is it cranking slowly and struggling to turn over?
Oakman, its crankly slowly and struggling like it idleing hard then it kickin in fine. When the tempature is warmer outside the problems is worse. It was much of an issue in the summer. But happens when I put gas in and we the engine is at normal heat level.