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Check Engine Light and Hesitation or Stumbling While Driving on Mazda Tribute

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The DPFE (differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor tends to fail. The DPFE sensor monitors function of the EGR valve by measuring pressure changes in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Symptoms of a failing DPFE sensor are hesitation or stumbling when driving along with illumination of the Check Engine Light.

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Mazda Tribute Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 124,840 (16,000–257,559)
10 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
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EGR valve has burst at the elbow on two different occasions. Do not know how to repair problem
poor gas mileage, poor idling- acts as if it will die and no power. Thought it might be catalytic converter at first but decided to check out the DPFE sensor first.
when it rains car bucks or stumbles and check engine light comes on otherwise when no rain runs fine went to mechanic code reads gas cap. Replaced gas cap, but still have the same problem when it rains
studders at times when starting from a stop light but then shifts eventually into proper running. hard to start at times while cruising at speed it studders till u let up or tap gas pedal.
this is my second egr valve and car is not picking up the right sped and when pressing on the gas car start moving slower and noise is louder when pressing the gas.. the egr valve keeps blowing holes on the side of the casting
when it rains car bucks or stumbles and check engine light comes on otherwise when no rain runs fine went to mechanic twice no codes coming up
Check engine light went on and off sporadically about 9 months ago. When it goes on, I got it checked and the reading was EGR valve. Mechanics check the valve and say nothing's wrong so they reset computer. Two weeks ago light goes on and they say change the part. Paid to get the part changed and less than one week later check engine light is on again. Waiting for current diagnosis.
check engine light appeared and it is the ERG not getting enough pressure or the sensor is bad. Autozone did the diagnostic for free and now I am reading on the web how to clean the valves and try and fix the part.
Car would run rough on cold start but run fine after warming up. Also whenever it rained it would cause the engine light to come on and misfire. After 6 months of this and taking it to different mechanics who couldn't find the problem one morning the car would barely drive around the block the misfire was so pronounced. Mechanic diagnosed as ignition coil 4 and 6 needed replacing so i replaced 456 and spark plugs($600). The next day car was still hesitating on cold start and took it back to mechanic. He said all was fine and car was OK to take on 400 mile trip i had planned for that afternoon. Car made it 10 miles out of town and started losing power. Just barely made it back home and car would no longer drive. Mechanic came and towed to shop and said catalytic converter had broken(piece actually broke off?) and the EGR valve had melted and would cost upwards of $4000 to fix! So now i'm selling as parts car....
problemas al encenderla, prendio luz de check engine, electromecanico indico era el EGR sensor
EGR needs replacement. Rough idle, poor gas mileage, major lag on inclines, whistling noise on acceleration (not constant)