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Ford Explorer Explorer rear end noise

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rear end noise -
Whine kn the rear end. Thanks for a top of the line stereo system to cover it up. -
Rear diferential making loud whining noises at higher speeds. pinion and ring gear were replaced, happened on my 99 Explorer too -
Not fixed yet -
remove and replace rear differntial carrier including control arms -
noise from back at low speed sometimes -
Replaced trans at 96,000 and had differentials rebuilt at 120,000. Now has 166,000 and rear making bad noise. -
Had to replace trans and rear end my advance trac still wont work -
Rear end started roaring at 15000 miles. Ford worked on rear end 5 times and each time the whine would go away. It would then come back after a few thousand miles. It has 180,000 miles on it now and whine is really very loud I would love to know a permanent fix. I've replaced only the water pump and alternator so I would like to get rid of the whine. My wife has had 2010,2011, and 2013 4 x4 Explorers with no problems at all on any of them. She put 25 to 35,000 miles on each and they were perfect. Maybe she has been lucky. -
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