Lexus RX350 Air Conditioning Expansion Valve Replacement Cost

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The average cost for a Lexus RX350 air conditioning expansion valve replacement is between $753 and $914. Labor costs are estimated between $616 and $777 while parts are priced at $137. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
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Best Practices

The air conditioner evaporator or receiver drier may need replacement, and the system may need to be flushed if debris or sludge is noticed.

The expansion valve is controlled by a temperature sensor, so this sensor is often blamed for failure of the expansion valve.

Common Symptoms

When the expansion valve fails or clogs, the air conditioning system will not blow cold air, or may intermittently blow cold air for very short periods.

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Air Conditioning Expansion Valve Replacement Cost Estimates

The average cost for an Air Conditioning Expansion Valve Replacement is between $753 and $914 but can vary from car to car.