Lexus IS250 Air Filter Replacement Cost

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Air Filter Replacement
The average cost for a Lexus IS250 air filter replacement is between $51 and $58. Labor costs are estimated between $22 and $29 while parts are priced at $29. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
Note about price: The cost of this service or repair can vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Related repairs may also be needed. Talk with a RepairPal Certified shop to learn which repairs might be right for you.

How does the air filter work?

Typically made of paper or foam suspended in a plastic frame, the air filter media catches the dirt and debris that comes in through the air intake.

What are the symptoms related to a bad air filter?

The filter will become dirty, but drivability problems are not typically noticed except in the extreme. Decreased fuel efficiency, stumbling, or rough running may be noted with a severely clogged air filter.

Can I drive with an air filter problem?

Because the filter clogs over time, the effects of a dirty filter will not be noticeable except with severe service conditions, such as consistent driving in a dusty or off-road area.

How often do air filters need to be replaced?

Replacement frequency of the air filter will vary by vehicle and driving conditions. We typically see the engine air filter replaced at approximately 40,000 miles

Air Filter Replacement Cost Estimates

The average cost for an Air Filter Replacement is between $51 and $58 but can vary from car to car.