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Q: esc light and engine light on 2008 Kia Sedona

The esc or ecs off light and engine lights come on and no power or is it gas is going to engine. I pulled the van over and though maybe the gas cap is loose(the engine light went on in my wifes car once and no gas to engine and it was gas cap) it was i tighten it and everthing went back to normal.This isn't a all the time problem this is about 2 times a month, it's in the shop now and they can't find a problem yet. any ideas what it is?
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Harry, Very interesting to see your post. This evening, my husband and daughter were very nearly killed when a similar issue occurred in our 2008 Kia Sedona. They were in center lane of a major highway traveling at 65 mph and suddenly the ESC light came on and vehicle dropped to limp mode. They barely made it to the side of the road. After restarting, the car ran OK but check engine light is on. I am praying that they make it back the remaining 20 miles. I have been nervously searching the internet to see what the problem could be and have seen countless online threads about this exact problem. Kia never seems able to fix it and many folks have had it happen several times. Please let us know how your case turns out. I am scared to drive this car.
I got it fixed for $140.00 at a kia dealership in weymouth,Ma, it turned out to be the t.p.s sensor.It cost me $100 to hook it to there computer but good news was the sensor was only a $25 part and the rest was to install the part. I know how scary it was to loose power to your engine on the highway it happen to me as well thats very scary but now everything is fine and its running like a timex watch. I would call Quik kia in weymouth,ma and speak with a guy named Kenny in the service dept and tell him the problem and im sure they will help you out, tell him some guy named Phil had the same problem and they fixed it for him.
If you have had any ESC lights coming on, then you WILL have codes for that. The ESC is Electronic Speed Control which is typically a fault in the Electronic Throttle System.

Does this shop really KNOW how to inspect an Electronic Throttle System???
The mechanic said i have to take it to a dealership service shop and have them hook it to t.s.b. or t.p.s. system to see if it needs a ecm upgrade. What does this cost and how can i get out of this cheaply?
I was having the exact same problem. It would turn off while driving. I was told it was an o2 sensor that needed replacing. And then reading these post I was going to purchase the part they mentioned on here. . Then my van stopped doing it but the light didn't disappear. My a/c began having problems and the van started to buck while driving and at stop lights like it wanted to take off on me. I looked up info on possibilities. And something came up that I had not thought of. The air intake hose. When I inspected mine, it was cracked and torn all over the place. As soon as I replaced it, the bucking stopped. The engine ran smoothly. My a/c had power again. And lastly the check engine light with the esc was gone!! I had my van back!!!
I wanted to know.... I have excit same to same issue and problem with my 2008 kia...but the part shop don't know what is tps sensor.....couple places already
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