Engine won't crank due to starter relay failure on Nissan Pathfinder

Problem Description and Possible Solution
The engine may not crank when the key is turned to "start" if the starter relay fails. This can be confused with a defective starter motor.
Problem Data
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Average mileage: 164,757 (13,000–300,000)
Engines affected: 3.0L V6, 3.3L V6
20 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013
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I tried starting it one morning and nothing so I jumped it now I just tried starting it and nothing but it wouldn't jump either it just clicks when I try to start it. I have replaced battery cleaned up the wires and that didn't help nothing,
Turn key but nothing happens. Initially having problem a month ago when it would occasionally not start without several tries. Thought it was the battery so I bought anew one but nothing. Need to find out if it is the relay or starter.
I've had this problem for many years now. Very inconsistent startup everyday. I've had the starter replaced twice in the past 6 years--doubt that's issue. I believe I need to replace the starter relay. My only issue is that I've been looking over manuals for the 2003 pathfinder le from Nissan and still have not come across any information on where the starter relay is. Hopefully someone with a trained eye for reading these kinds of things will come along and help me out-any help on how I can replace this part and its location would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
My pathfinder was working fine.. then one day at a gas pump i tried to start it.. it would not do anything. turned it off and on and off and on.. let it set a few minutes then it started.. then went to the dr. appt. when I tried to crank it up it would do nothing again. repeat attempts were unsuccessful.. finally called nissan at the avenues to tow it and fix..they said the Starter went out.. and charged me 718.99 to replace it along with a 100 dollar tow and 95 dollars labor for 2 hours work.. this is a rip off and nissan should recall this problem.. anyone else have this problem with their 1997 nissan pathfinder??? if you care to comment as I don't check these post unless I have a problem...
I went to crank my 1992 Pathfinder the other day and it wouldn't start . I replaced the starter and it cranked 6 times in a row then nothing . Tried again the next day and it cranked a few times then nothing again . After sitting for about half an hour it would crank again . Gonna replace the starter relay tomorrow and see what happens .
Diagnosed by the school of hard knocks. Battery, starter, and automatic neutral switch replaced or tested. The grey starter relay on a metal bracket in front of the windshield washer reservoir was the culprit. It's an easy fix if you know what to look for. Replace the relay and the suv starts flawlessly. I used a wire jumper on mine til I could get the part.
Turned key one morning to start and it sounded like it was barely able to startt but did. Turned it off once I got where I was going and it hasnt started since. Accessories come on and everything but no crank. No sounds at all. Is this a relay issue?
I can here the starter click but it will not start. I have changed the starter 3 has to be something else gonna change the relays as soon as i can locate them
Thought needed new starter - but online said change relay under hood... That fixed it!!! About $15 at AutoZone.
Some times start right away and most of the times it wont specially if the weather is hot, why?
Was doing great then one day driving through rain on my way home stopped a t a friend s house then went to leave and it wouldn't start,I tried every trick in the book and still would start,
I drove to the store and turned off my car and it never started back up. Previously the starter gave me a scare 2 times when it didn't seem that the starter would engage and finally would after turning the key back and forth a few times. This time I do not hear the solenoid clicking though like before, I hear something click a solo click but that's it and nothing else. I checked with my meter and there is 12 volts to the starter.
Clicks but won't turnover. Did this once before and the next morning it started and no more problems for a couple of week then it's doing it again. Before it fixed itself before I could really look at it.
Every so often i go to start the truck and it wont turn over light, radio come on but the car doesnt turn over after i play with the key a little bit the car will start up !
Had this problem for about a year , I heard the clicking noise as some reported, at one time or another. Jump it n all is good "for awhile", then out of the blue , it happens again smh , I replaced the battery then less than a month later , again I was thinking of replacing the starter until reading this post . Maybe I'll try the relay first
My pathfinder clicks when I try to start it and today there was a click under the hood what could do tbis