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Q: Engine Stalls While Decelerating on 1993 Dodge Dakota

Mine is a 5speed manual. This started sporadically and deteriorated rapidly- by day 3 (today 4/30/11) it stalls 99% of the time when coming to a stop (for example coming up to a redlight). As soon as I put the clutch in to take it out of gear-- whether I'm stopping or coasting down a hill, rpm falls and it doesnt stop at the normal idle speed of approx 800, it just keeps right on going past down to zero and dies, but I can save it if I'm quick enough at revving it once or twice and it'll revive and then idle normally when I'm fully stopped. No problems starting in 1st- I dont have to rev it at all, and if it does die while stopping I just turn the key off and recrank it and it starts instantly and runs perfectly, even if engine is still cold and hasnt warmed up yet. No acceleration issues, although rpms drop faster than usual while changing gears. Havent noticed decreased gas mileage (this is only day 3). From reading other sites thinking maybe Idle speed motor? Possibly Throttle position sensor? Also speedometer died too (stuck on zero) right when this started 3 days ago, not sure if odometer/tripometer still working (havent paid attention) which I also read can happen at the same time as the speedometer, but no idea if the 2 issues are related. Constantly recranking at every red light is more of an inconvenience than a serious problem since it restarts instantly, and I know my speed ranges in each gear so dead speedometer isnt really important but if its a cheap fix I'll do it. Any thoughts?
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i would start by cleaning the throttle body real good of all carbon. common issue.

the iac motor does have issues and may be the culprit. a shop with a scan tool can manipulate it to verify it is working.

not the tps. no need to go there.

the last thought is a possible sticking egr valve. remove the hose from the valve and road test to see if it still happens.

Thanks so much! I fixed it about a week and a half after posting. All I did was cleaned out my throttle body and replaced the speed sensor. Not sure if the speed sensor caused the problem but since the odometer wasn't working I had to replace it so I could keep track of my oil changes. $5 can of throttle body cleaner and $90 sensor.
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