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Q: engine stalled while traveling on 1998 Jaguar XJ8

The car runs fine; then every now and then it wil stall out when traveling around 45mph and above for now apparent reason. The computer just says engine stalled. I pull over and restart the car and everything is fine?? I recently changed the oil and oil filter. I'm baffled??
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I'm sure there are some stored diagnostic codes, which you will need to provide. These are difficult cars even
for the best shops; suggest you locate someone with Jag
diagnostic capabilities.
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stored codes are diagnostic items in the past
active codes are diagnostic items in the present

There are several diagnostic scan tools that will access these. Autologic can do just about everything a Jag dealer offers, including programming. I think it was $14,000...Or a
good Jaguar specialty shop can diagnose it for you.....
Here's details on the recall:

Re: Throttle Body Recall
Publication No.: 303-S514

Model Year Model Description VIN Range Repair Required

1997 to 1998 XK Series N/A 001036 to 020734 Reprogram ECM

1998 V8 XJ Series (both N/A and SC) 812256 to 819771 Reprogram ECM

1998 XK Series N/A 020735 to 031302 Replace throttle body

1998.75 to 1999 XK Series (SC) 024695 to 042775 Replace throttle body

1998 V8 XJ Series N/A only 819772 to 853935 Replace throttle body

1998 to 1999 V8 XJ Series SC only` 819772 to 878717 Replace throttle body

RE: Throttle closed position operation

Dear Colleagues

A concern has been identified with the throttle operation on a number of vehicles in the above VIN range.

Under exceptional circumstances this concern could cause the engine to cut out, although the engine will continue to be driven by the road wheels through the transmission and drive the ancillaries, so there will be no loss of power steering, brakes, air conditioning, etc. The engine should restart without difficulty once the vehicle
has come to a complete standstill.

Action to be taken

To aid in the identification of repairs required by vehicle, Table 1 [see above] of this Service Action provides a breakdown of the repair required by model year, model description, and VIN range.
Appendix 1.
For those vehicles that require the ECM to be reprogrammed, Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS) release JTP759/31, or later, should be used.

You are requested to make contact with the drivers of the affected vehicles and request that the vehicle be made available, at the driver's earliest convenience, for the modification to the throttle operation to be undertaken.
I was so excited to receive this info, but when I contacted my dealership, they said that there are no open recalls for my car. It fits the criteria for the vin numbers for replacement of the throttle body. Is there any way I can verify this info? What is the publication referred to above? Thanks I really appreciate all of this asssistance...
My throttle body was replaced by White-Allen European Auto Group
648 Springboro Pike · Dayton · OH (937) 291-6000 (back in 2004 or 2005). I will call them to get details. I'm surprised your dealership didn't recognize the pub number. Google S514 for more info; plus I'll get you details from White Allen.

BTW, when my car would stall going 60 mph, I would calmly shift to neutral, turn the ignition off, restart and then shift to drive. I'd also recommend driving in the right lane until you get this fixed.

After contacting Jaguar customer service, I found out that the throttle body had been replaced in 2004 just before we purchased the car. Not satisfied with that response, I took the car in for a diagnostic check just to be certain. However, since the car never registered a check engine message, nothing came up in the report! Very discouraging! Now I have to wait for a check engine message to take it in so they have a place to begin looking for the problem. In the meantime, I still have the same problem so I will try cleaning the fuel injectors and maybe have the lock up converter ( I think that is what its called) checked on the transmission. Thanks again...
Apologies for not getting back sooner. The throttle body recall is likely closed--glad you have a new one though your symptoms are just like mine BEFORE I had the throttle body replaced. My dealership considers throttle body maintenance an annual or biannual thing--I'm no expert but it sounds like a reasonable starting point. I'm surprised your folks are making you wait for a check engine light--is there a second opinion in your town? Good luck.
I have the exact same problem.Its the throttle body. Replace it or live with it. One mechanics adjusted the choke and it worked fine until another mechanic didn't know about it a readjusted back. You need a throttle body which was a recall by jaguar. Not sure if they will still still meet the recall requirement ?
I am not a mechanic, but I did have this exact same problem. Evidently this was part of a recall involving the throttle body. Mine was replaced at no charge and it now runs fine.
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