Q: engine stall on 2000 Hyundai Accent

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when the car reaches running temperature it dies, ive replaced the fuel pump and filter
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Did your fuel pump fail or was the pump replaced to solve the stalling issue?
Your car has On Board Diagnostic capabilities, that provide a lot of clues to what is going on. From a sixteen pin diagnostic socket under the driver's side of the dash a scan tool can be used to look at long term fuel trim (if your fuel pump was failing the fuel trim figure may show this as having to add fuel), the engine's air flow meter, crank angle, camshaft angle and other key sensors the engine needs to run properly can be monitored and tested from this diagnostic socket. Irregular Oxygen sensor pattern can show a vacuum leak or excess fuel being delivered to the engine. The engine coolant temperature switch tells the computer how much to tailor the fuel mixture to compensate for the engine's operating temperature (it's value can be read live, straight of the scan tool). For instance if this sensor was telling the computer the engine was cold when it is hot the car would get to much fuel when it is warmed up and stall. An air flow meter can cause this symptom as well, too many variable and possibilities, a proper scan tool used to diagnose this problem will save time, money and frustration in the end.
I hate replacing components without testing them and proving they are bad.