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Q: engine size on 1993 Nissan 240SX

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I have a 1993 Nissan 240sx and I am trying to do a cost estimate on making it into a show car. All I need to know is what are the different sizes of engines that I can put in this car. Right now I have a 2.4l 16 valve DOHC and would like to put something larger with a turbo in it. What does everyone recommend? Just so you know I need the car to pass emissions because I live in nashville, TN. Also I want to do this without frabrication.
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Hey you have lots of options but remember, most of the options mean you will not be able to pass emissions testing (if you have them where you are).

Lots of my drift friends are running SR20det swaps in their S13's and S14's. 200-300+ hp at the wheels is very possible with the SR but it does require the right tune. You might need custom engine management depending on your power goals.

KA turbos can make tons of power too with a good tune, and they make great torque since they're a 2.4

The RB25 and RB26 are the inline 6's from the Skylines. Those are wild swaps too, less common. In California, you can usually find an SR with trans and uncut harness for under 2500. McKinney Motorsports makes complete swap kits and are known in the Datsun Z community for their RB motor mounts for 240Z and 280Z's.

Also check out and and search search search. There is a mountain of info between those sites. has tons of engine specific info on tuning, but not really specific to your S13. Good luck!
It's going to be tough to do this without any fab. You can buy motor mounts and required parts to bolt things in but you'll still need to do wiring harness work. If you can find an uncut engine harness with ECU, that's ideal but you'll still need to integrate it into your factory harness. Sorry there's no easy answer to your question.

I'm starting to see people swap LS1's into S14's, haven't seen one in an S13 yet. Any kind of engine swap is going to need a little research before jumping in
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