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Q: Engine Shutdown on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

Hi can anyone help with this puzzlement? For no apparent reason My car would be running fine then when come to a stop it would die dead as a doorknob. Had towed to dealler ship put on Machine @ nothings wrong. Then a week later it happened again?? What could this be, and is it very costly? Your help would be very appreaciated.
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It's your Relay on the Right side Relay/PCM box. Its called a Engine Management Relay Part # 5099007AA. It took me two week to figure out this Customers problem at the dealership. it would die out while driving or if they stopped at a store it would not start unless it sat for a hour or so.

Chrysler Crossfire Technician
Hi I'm from Albany, GA and just bought my 2004 Crossfire 4/2010. Could not drive it for 2 wks because of this problem. It was the crank shaft sensor. I found this repair on the Crossfire forum. A lot of good info there.
Been running great ever since.
This repair will not fix your car. I have replaced the crack sensor twice. My car still cuts off , and will not start every few weeks
This is one of the more difficult problems to diagnose. The hard part comes in trying to duplicate the problem and then diagnosing it before it "fixes" itself. If there are no codes stored in the engine computer, then I start looking at the fuel supply. Fuel pump, fuel pump relay, stuff like that.
I had this problem. It would be running and suddenly die at turning in or at a stop light. At a Chrysler dealer they tried to tell me it was the main computer board. A 3000.00 fix. Which it was not. I have also had it to die driving down the road which is extremely dangerous. It was a relay. The contacts in the relay are not connecting. I bought a new one which was around 300.00 and it pops in. Never had another problem. I hope you found your answer. I see it has been a while since you posted.
I'm having similar problems. Do you know exactly what the relay was called or what it controlled. I only ask, because there are several types of relays. Any detail information on the part you purchased would be greatly appreciated.
Same problem two days after I bought my 04'. Once driving at 70mph and another time at 25mph. They told me it was the crank shaft sensor. It's been running good ever sense
How much is a crank shaft sensor? I was having the same problem so I replaced the relay for $300. I have to tow my car to the dealership to get it reset before the car will even start but now i'm wondering if the relay was not the problem in the first place. Hopefully it wont shut down again while driving it. :/
Replacing the crank position we sensor will not fix your car. I had this done twice. Your correct
The relay mentioned by the Chrysler tech will not fix your car either, been there
Done that.
Here is a easy DIY video to fix the stalling problem.
I've got a buddy who's a shade tree mechanic. Bought the part at Autozone ($30?) and he replaced it in about 1/2 hour. Total cost, less than $50.,
My son had this problem a few years ago on his 2004 crossfire, and is now seeing it again. He drove it 10-15 miles yesterday, then stopped to drop something off. Car would then not restart. As long as he lets engine cool (> 1 hr.), it seems to start. Back then, I took it to a local shop and asked them to look at the Engine Mgt Relay
(based on internet search). They found several cracks in connections, and resoldered. He has not had issue until now, so expect that was it. So I will be taking it in to see if that is the issue again. May need to buy new relay. Also, I have read of many having issues with Crankshaft sensor, but figure I will replace next if relay not showing issues. Chrysler should be covering the expense on these, as it is a common and recurring problem with these cars. They also should have supported these cars for a longer period of time, considering the costs to purchase and operate these vehicles.
I had the same problem. Mine stopped near a garage and their diagnostic equipment could not detect the problem. By the time a wrecker arrived, it started. It cost over $400 dolllars to replace the crank shaft position sensor located at the rear of the engine block..looks like all you have to do is unplug it and put another one in...geez. Also, watch out for the cam is located at the front of the engine.
This will not fix your problem. I had this done twice. Trust me your call will cutoff or not start again .
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