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Q: Engine runs for 15 mins then stalls Won't start again for 3 or 4 hours then repeats on 1992 Cadillac Fleetwood

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The first time the engine stalled I was waiting to get gas. It started right back up,so I filled the tank it and ran fine until I got home. Later I went to town and it stalled again at a stop sign, again it started right up and ran. When I got home it stalled just as I was turning into my driveway. I coasted into the drive and turned it off and went into the house thinking I would have to find the problem later. The next day I started to work and drove about ten miles to the first stop sign and it stalled. I started it and continued on. At the next turn as I slowed down it stalled again. I coasted into a parking lot and this time it would not restart. I got a ride to work and returned after work. I got in and tried it and it started so I drove it home. As I pulled into the drive it stalled and would not start. I got out and pulled a plug wire off to see if the problem was electrical or fuel and there was a very strong spark so I thought the problem was fuel related. The next day I replaced the fuel filter. I started the car and left it idle in the drive. After about 15 minutes it stalled and would not start. Again I pulled a plug wire to check for spark and it was fine so I'm still thinking fuel but what?
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Is your engine light coming on?if so you need to retrieve the codes .if not i would look for a clogged fuel filter or pinched return fuel line,are you hearing the fuel pump whine when you turn on the ignition?if so when it starts get under the car at the gas tank and see if the pump is making noises that change as you thump the tank hard with a piece of wood or your hand!that would indicate the pump is failing! hope this helps!
The engine light does not come on. I changed the fuel filter and the fuel pump relay. When the car stalls the fuel pump still runs. This is throttle body injection. I found that if I take the top off of the air cleaner and give it a shot of starter fluid it will start and run so long as I keep my foot in it. as soon as let off the gas it stalls. It won't idle and won't start by itself. Give another shot of eyther and it fires up and runs if I keep the RPM's up. Last time it stalled I was about 3 miles from home and drove it home with one foot on the gas and one on the brake. Not fun!!! A sensor in the fuel injection system? Which one?
hello i have the same problem i and i dont have the answer does any one out there have the answer? reply to
i have the same problem.. i too think its a fuel problem....i recently replaced the TPS and cleaned out the iac...and just replace the fuel pressure regulator and its still the same issue i have a strong spark...i will look at it again this weekend and update.
Mine turned out to be the ignition module. Believe it or not on this engine the module has two wires, one of which goes to the throttle body after the engine starts. Took me a month to track it down. Good luck
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