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Q: Engine replacement on 1995 Audi A6

My car overheated (not certain why since oil and coolant where consistently checked). I was laid off at work and can only afford to replace the engine. Can I interchage an Audi 1996 A4 2.8L with my 1995 A6 base engine, non quatro.
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Short answer - no. Engine's are very specific to vehicles these days. Calibrations and variations...not to mention components, sensors, wiring harnesses, etc between models and years are too different to risk. You would be in for certain issues, if you got it to run at all.
Thank you Mr. DaveJHM - why would their "computer" read - AFC engine code, interchangable from 1995-1998 for 2.8L V6?
Maybe "they" know more than I do. It's possible. I'm just speaking in general terms - based out of logic and first hand experience with all the differences that occur between models and years.

However, if the exact model of the engine is the same a year later in a different model - then so be it. I would just be super cautious and realize that you'll likely have to strip everything down the base block and cylinder heads. Even the oil pan could need changed over. These are the kinds of things that are often modified for different model fitment. The base block and heads may be the same, but all the rest of it will likely need swapped over.

I suppose in the end: if someone is telling you it's a good match, then proceed -- as long as you can hold them accountable if something goes wrong.
Thanks again Mr. DaveJHM - I appreciate your honesty and insight.
Do all engines have the VIN number on the engine also? I have been calling different junk yards and have been reviewing the carfaxs report on them. What is your opinion to have the
head and valve job, instead of buying an engine? Can the bottom of the engine be a problem down road?
Not all engines universally have a VIN stamp. However, Audi may do this. I'm not entirely sure about Audi.

What is the problem with the engine now? I have always been a proponent of having a qualified tech make repairs to an engine you have history with, rather than get a used engine of unknown origin. The trick is: it has to make financial sense, and you have a to have a solid tech.
The engine overheated on the highway - after cooled down, the engine starts but shakes/vibrates worse than an earthquake inside the engine. I was told, not worth
fixing head/valves since there could be problems to the bottom of the engine.
I asked around and got quotes of head/valve repair cost $1400-$2000. Since I am unemployed, can not afford to buy a transportation, then must fix my car. I did find an Audi tech that offered to install a used engine, new timing belt, water pump, hoses, seals, fluids for $1700 - book value is about the same - the mechanic guarantees the engine for 6 months and 1 year for his labor. The used engine, was told has 85K miles.
No other choice at the moment, though does not make sense to spend any money on a 16 year old car, I have been the only owner, just bad luck in the past with repairs.
If I manage to get 24-30 months more life out of the car, then worth having spent $2K.
intsead of trying to buy another used car for $2k.
The used engine sounds like the best idea, as you have laid out.

The only thing I would do is verify that there is an internal engine issue. The overheating, shaking and vibrating can be things other than internal engine failures. Has there been a compression test? Has there been an ignition inspection? Have you checked for evidence of coolant in your oil?

Has this concern been truly evaluated by a qualified tech -- that's all I'm getting at. Then, if so, and the facts remain, it would be best to go and replace with a used engine as you have suggested.
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