Q: Engine misses at idle on 2001 Ford Taurus

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Had engine tuned up,replaced plug wires,fuel filter,air filter and had fuel system cleaned. Still misses while idling. Trouble Codes P0172,P0175 and P0301.

Please help!!!!
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These codes signify fuel control problems. PO301 is a specific code for misfire #1 cylinder, The other two codes say both cylinder banks have excess fuel causing the engine to run rich. I would look for a bad fuel injector, bad fuel pressure regulator or bad O2 sensor, but because the code specifically flags #1 cylinder I would start by looking at #1 cylinder, remove the spark plug see if it looks "fuel fouled".
I have a 1998 Taurus and I am getting codes PO301 PO302 and PO171. I replace EGR DPFE . Car misses at Idel and up hills
I have the same problem, they want to charge me $1600 for a 15HR JOB...they say something was sucked up my #1 cylinder head. IDK.. Thats after I spent $400 replacing everything else. Now it's just sitting, there's no way I have that just laying around.. What do u think I should do?? Is it even worth it?? The car just hit 100,000 miles it's also Ford Taurus 3.0 V6
I have 2005 Taurus with 90k miles and the engine was sluggish and cutting out during acceleration and idle. I replaced the ignition module and it was like I had a new car!! The engine has power ... fast acceleration and smooth idle. I got the part at auto store for $88. It took 10 minutes to install. Good Luck.