Q: Engine made a growling noise and died engine died, won't restart, does turn over on 2000 Mercury Villager

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Has been making same noise, but only when turning it off. Had it in for oil change, and told service tech. He said it was an internal engine noise, and it's beyond their abiblities. Was driving about 50 mph, when engine died. Tried to restart,turns over, but no reaction from engine. All battery powered items work, good charge. Did not make any other noises (no belt slapping around, no pops, no grinds, etc...). Please help. Villager Estate model, 3.3 L v6 engine.....8th character in vin # is T
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If you do not have any spark or fuel injection pulse while cranking, I would suggest having a trusted repair shop check your timing belt tensioner, pulleys and belt for problems. If the noise was internal engine, it's a good possibility their is a problem in this area. This vehicle is also well known for intermittant distributor problem's. Greg
Thanks....the car is sitting in the parking lot of a Ford dealership right now, so I'll have them look at it. Just hope it's not too expensive (never take it to dealer for problems, but my mechanic is closed for holidays right now).
If engine sounds normal while cranking, pull the distrubutor cap and see if the distributor rotor turns. If it doesn't, pull out the distributor and see if it is seized. If the distributor only spins freely when removed, then you have either a broken timing belt or a major internal engine problem.
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