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Q: Engine light fault code p0441/po446 .. can put fuel into tank. on 2005 Scion xA

Happend at 30,000 miles and they replace tank and filler tube. Problem occurred again at 80,000 miles. Anyone else have this problem? Trying to find a way to get toyota to help cover cost or at least give me a life time warranty for this second repair.
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I think you need to call Toyota corporate and share your problem with them. Be nice about it. You get more with honey than vinegar.

Customer Concern: Check engine light is on. Trouble codes P0441, P0442 and P0446.

Tests/Procedures: 1. First, check if the gas cap is a factory gas cap and it is tight.

2. If the fuel cap is good, then check the vacuum line to the purge solenoid located by the air filter plastic housing. If the lines are loose or pulled off, the code will set.

3. Next verify that the purge solenoid operates with the engine running. Back probe and ground the White/Green wire at the purge solenoid and verify that it will operate and apply vacuum to the canister assembly.

4. Test the canister closed valve on the canister, it has a Black/Red wire and a Blue wire. There should be battery voltage on the Black/Red wire key on and when the Blue wire is back probed and grounded, the valve should operate and close tight enough so the system can hold a vacuum. If all the valves test OK, test for a leak on the evaporative system.
Tech Tips: On this evaporative system there is only a purge solenoid and a canister closed valve on the canister. The codes will set if the gas cap is loose or if there is a leak in the system.

If you get no satisfaction from Toyota then find a shop that can smoke test the EVAP system. Good luck
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