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Q: engine light code 1705 on 1996 Honda Civic

took car to mechanic and put on computer - code 1705 came up, a transmission code. he says its nothing to worry about, triggered when shifting
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Aftermarket alarms that are tied into the starter cut relay harness can also trigger this code if the connections are not secure.
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I just looked at the test procedure again Honda have a two page trouble shooting chart which they want you to pin out voltage tests at the Computer under the dash. They are looking for a fault in the wiring position switch and then finally say "replace computer with a know god computer". Have your mechanic do the electrical tests in the Honda manual, Alldata or Mitchell.
I was thinking last night, the shift cable goes in from the underside of the transmission, I wonder could it be pulled on or dragged by contact with road debris?
Did this problem happen just after the speedometer replacement? Or even I wonder if some wiring got disturbed?
New computers for any car are usually expensive.
If it turns out that the ECU is the problem (and don't assume it is until everything else is checked out. Call these people they have repaired several ECU's for me in the past, good people.
The speedometer unit itself is a dealer only item. I Googled Honda speedometer repair and speedometer repair and found a lot of people that repair and recalibrate speedometers. We work on a lot of vintage cars that you can't get instruments for and get speedometers repaired all the time successfully. Look up these repair companies and see how much they would charge to "fix" your speedometer head.
What was the fix to your Check Engine Light problem?
not good. one day after mechanic looked at it, light is on again, blinking sometimes ??any clue what this is?
ok. I will print this out and give it to him. How much is new computer go for?? And could it be found since car is older..?
also, sometimes, the spedometer does not work for a mile or two....he replaced a sensor w/ one from a junkyard...could this problem be related to the code 1705?
thanks for your quick response. the spedometer problem came first, about 2 wks ago, then after replacing a sped.sensor the code 1705 came up. Spedometer works majority of time, sometimes needs a mile or two to get going...
Hi got the engine light fixed, so far. Spedometer is working but sometimes won't. Mechanic tested and said looks like i need a spedometer head? Does anyone know how much that goes for?
thanks. I looked on ebay and you can buy 96 speedometer clusters for around $60 ??What do you think?? The check engine light- he cleaned the wire connectors and seems to be ok. it has been about a week now. I don't want to jinx it.
Code 1705 is labeled "gear position switch shorted".
If all is well with the transmission , i.e gear display is correct , shifts well etc problem may well be of a sporadic nature.
really, thanks. that is what the mechanic says. he told me to keep an eye on it and let him know. seems to drive smoothly for now.
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