Q: engine is skipping bad on 2001 Toyota Tundra

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I purchase gas and my engine started skipping very bad. I drain tank & added a can of gas treatment to tank put a differ kind of gas in it and ran it out and try more gas. It still is skipping very very bad.
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If you really suspect it was bad gasoline have you called the gas station where you got the gasoline to see if they had any other people with problems. We had a gas station near us that had bad gas/water in the tanks and there insurance paid there customers.
as Dan said may be another problem.
Did you replace the fuel filter on the V6 Tundra? I believe it is on the chassis rail under the truck pretty much under where the passenger sits, on the V8 I think its in the engine compartment.
How many miles are on your Toyota?
Is there a Check Engine Light on? If so, pull the code(s). They will help you. It may or may not be the gas because cleaning the tank and replacing the old gas should have helped a lot. There may be something else going on.