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Q: Engine burning oil on 2002 Nissan Xterra

I have a 2002 Xterra supercharged 3.3lt. V6. we have no engine lights coming on , no oil lights coming on nothing!! We just had the right exhaust manifold replaced as it had a crack in it. But the reason for talking it there was for the ticking or nocking that we were hearing. We were told that the computer diagnostic check did not spit out any codes what so ever, and that they do not know where to start to look or even what might have caused this to happen. Nissan dealership said we should just scrap this one and buy another, are you kidding me? If anyone has any suggestions it is now at the 3rd mechanic -I will never go back to Nissan especially since they can't even fix their own vehicles. Ours has 157000 kms .

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There are many reasons could be burning oil that are not related to cracked exhaust. Piston rings, valve guides and seals, problems at the supercharger bearings. Have a qualified shop that maybe a friend trusts check it out. Take the friend on first trip there. They will work harder sometimes to not let you down in front of the friend regular customer. Sometimes a great shop can perform magic when greatly motivated. If you like the car there is no reason to get rid of it. By the way, how do you know is burning oil? Let the shop know what you know and don't hold back. Sometimes one thing you say can lead a good tech to a quick answer for you.
We saw blue smoke the day we were taking it in for the first time. They did an oil flush and filled the oil, they told us that they could not fix the nocking and we would have to take it to a specialty shop. We drove the car for 3days and then took it in for it's appointment. They then told me that it was burning oil and they don't now why!
Well, if shows blue smoke all the time suspect rings, if is only on cold start or when accel like passing someone or building highway speed then could be valve guides and seals. If is supercharger related or oil vent system then will need someone who is Nissan specialist to get on here.
I'm no professional but that sounds like a rod bearing to me. Especially with the miles that high. Even well maintained engines will get wear and tear to piston rings valve guides etc causing a drop in compression and oil consumption.
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