Ford Taurus Problem Report

Ford Taurus Engine Buck/Misfire at Freeway Speeds

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The engine may misfire and/or buck while driving at freeway speeds with no fault code stored in the powertrain control module (PCM). This can be caused by an intermittent fault with the camshaft synchronizer assembly. This condition can be diagnosed by monitoring knock sensor data as per Ford service bulletin #05-22-12. Replacement of the synchronizer assembly will be required to correct this concern.

the car will run smoothly then without notice it will chug a few times. This genrally happens at 55 to 70 MPH and when on an incline. It will sometimes happen at lower speeds but doea not seem to do it below 40 MPH. -
engine chugs at high speed when going into passing gear. worse when engine is warm -
engine cuts out, knocks and bucks around 40 to 60 miles per hr. problem not solved yet. anyone have any advise? -
Engine misfires, bucks and jerks at highway speeds, particularly toward the end of long trips (2- 4 hour trips). Had camshaft replaced and it went away for about 3 months then returned! -
feels jerky at 40 mph, recently informed the bird chirping noise is the synchronizer making itself known it needs to be replaced, -
Chugging at 55 mph -
Freeway Driving~ When I drive 65pmh the car bucks like it is trying to stall out. Very Frightening~ -
Ford Taurus X, vehicle chugs uphill, bucks. -
bucks for a second then fine again, somedays not at all. Its getting worse. -
not fixed yet -
Miss firing on freeway -
2008 Taurus SEL bucks at most any speed. Will stall below 45 mph. Codes have been: P069B, P0179, P0171, P0174. I Have not repaired it at this time. -
misfire on acceleration speeds and crusing highway speeds -
R/R camshaft synchronizer and camshaft position sensor -
Noticed this same issue somewhere around 80,000 or so on my SHO. Thanks for sharing the TSB. Ill get the dealer to check it out. -
My Taurus is a 2004 (built in Oct 2003), exhibiting same problem. No engine warning light comes on. 40 mph-70 mph, cruising, not under heavy load. Dealer diagnosed misfire on cylinder 1, suspected failing coil - replaced coil, seal and spark plug. Issue recurred the next day after I got the car back. -
my ford taurus bucks at freeway speeds. it started doing this about 3 days ago and has gotten progressively worse -
bucks and hesitates at highway speeds -
Replaced coil pack plugs and fuel filter due to very poor rough take off. This corrected that issue. Now every once in a while when parking it will run rough and die does not do this at lights. Have been experiencing bucking at highway speeds for years but only far between and very seldom but it has now become very pronounced. Cool mornings are no problem but after day warms problem appears. After plug coil work engine began to ping under load. Replaced air filter and cleaned MAF sensor no improvement. Premium gas eliminates pinging. Injector cleaner seemed to improve bucking but as soon as that tank of gas was used bucking returned. Ideas? -
The engine buck and hesitates when easing back on the gas to go up even a slight incline. Had the same problem last year this time. Dealer said it was a computer code problem and did not charge me to fix it (I have a great dealer). But now it is back, and based on what happened last year, if I don't get it fixed, it will get progressively worse. Love the car, but this is aggravating. -
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