Q: engine on 2004 Audi S4

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does anyone no where the engine mount solenoid valve is & what it does & should it be repaired immediatly
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if someone told you there is a fault stored for an engine mount (which does not set a check engine light) it means the electrical dampening characteristics of the motor mount is probably not working. the mounts are liquid filled and recieve power at idle to soften the feel of idle. as long as the mount is not leaking or seperated (eng jumps on hard accel) and you can live with the minor difference in idle feel, no work is needed.
Thanks for answering,plugged the computer in & thats what came up aswel as a misfire on cylinder 4,renewed all sparkplugs,all filters gave oil change & new coilpack for cylinder 4.The misfire code is not showing just the engine mount solenoid valve & the car is still tempremental when starting,any ideas?
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