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Q: Electrical issue on 2004 Volvo S60

Car has intermittent electrical issues, have been occurring sporadically over entire lifetime of car. Upgraded DIM and CEM software. Want to replace CEM (under emission warranty) but dealer won't unless there is an emission-relation error code. Dealer suggested replacing DIM for $1800. Check out the codes below and let me know what you think.

Error codes from November 2009 visit:

AUM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
BCM-0100 Communication between control units, Communicational problems with ECM
BCM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
CEM-1A62 Communication with ECM control module, Signal missing
CEM-1D08 Control module, Internal fault
DDM-0025 Mirror motor, Signal missing
DIM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty Configuration
PSM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
SRS-00D5 SRS lamp, Configuration fault

Error codes from July 2010 visit:

CCM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
DDM-0025 Mirror motor, Signal missing
PSM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
CEM-1A23 X-supply relay circuit, Signal missing
CEM-1A25 Relay Ext X2-Supply Signal too low
CEM-1D07 Control module, Internal fault
CEM-1D08 Control module, Internal fault
CEM-3F03 Shift lock signal, Signal too low
CEM-6C48 Transponder type, Faulty signal
CEM-1A21 Relay Ext X-Power supply, Signal too high
CEM-1A24 Replay Ext X2-Supply Signal too low
CEM-1D0C Control module, Internal fault
DIM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
AUM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
BCM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
BCM-0150 Stop (brake) lamp switch, Signal outside its permitted range
PDM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
PDM-E003 Configuration fault, Faulty configuration
PDM-0030 Rear view mirror potentiometer, Faulty signal
PDM-0032 Rear view mirror potentiometer, Faulty signal
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Did you ever get this fixed? I am having the exact same problem with no answers even from Volvo.Been following many forums and there are a ton of these cars with the same problems and Volvo can't even diagnose the pproblem. And I only have this problem in the summer when it's hot. It's so weird.
Unfortunately, no. I tried out some repairs (costing hundreds), but I never felt confident enough in anyone's theories (both forums and mechanics) to go so far as to start replacing modules (costing thousands). I had bought the 2004 Volvo in 2006 from a car auction. It was a lease return. In the process of investigating these electronic issues years later, I did find out the car had been in a front-end collision as some of the rails (parts of the car's frame) were bent.

At that point, I couldn't be sure if that collision was solely responsible for the electronics, exactly which parts I'd need to repair to isolate the gremlins running around in its systems, or if I'd even be able to hold any specific mechanic responsible for his repairs as the problems were unpredictable and flared up at random times. (I think it was more often in the summer, though not exclusively.) I love sinking my teeth into projects and solving complex puzzles, but when I can't be sure my car will get me from A to B without stalling on the highway with little hope for a long-term resolution, I knew it was time for it to go.

I traded the 2004 Volvo S60 with 91,000 miles into a dealer in 2012 for $5,700 as I purchased a new car.
I am also having the exact same problems. Please let me know if you figure anything out. This is the first forum I have found, after months of searching that lists the exact problem I am having.
I can forward you a link that helped me. Send me an email to It didn't cost me anything and was the only thing that has helped me.
Hi Can you please forward on any help to my c30 is going through the exact same thing dont mind paying for the repair but i just dont trust the advice being given each person has a different opinion of the cause. My c30 is coming up with brake failure lights an abs issues. Any help would be appriecated
Those internal fault codes for the CEM would make me suspicious of the CEM. What are the symptoms?
Restarting the car usually (though not always) fixes all symptoms except for "SRS Airbag Service Urgent" which needs to be reset by the dealer. When it doesn't fix all the symptoms, the dealer does a "hard reboot" (not sure what that is). But none of this solves the underlying problem, the next flare of symptoms can be a couple hours away or several months away. Although the severity of each episode can vary and not all symptoms may occur with every episode, it just makes for an unreliable car.

The full list of symptoms in order of frequency (high to low) is as follows:
Trip odometer reset
Dashboard dies (all gauges and lights)
"SRS Airbag Service Urgent" message
Electronics die (turn signals, A/C, radio, power windows, power locks, power seats)
Headlights clicking
"Brake Failure - Stop Safely" message
Time reset
Loud thud sound (as if ABS is malfunctioning)
Engine stalls
Transmission stuck in third gear (slow acceleration, engine overheats)

Someone told me that since there are both high speed and low speed communication errors, the CEM must be at fault since these two never interact and are only processed at the CEM. If you agree, do you have a suggestion as to how I could get Volvo to replace the CEM under the following warranty?
I've not worked on these cars for a few years so I'm a little rusty, but I remember seeing issues with the ABS and CEM modules, and you could have a communication bus error. These problems are hard o diagnose and understandably they don't want to start paying for parts that may not fix the issue, but you need to stay on them and be persistent to get them to address this. I suggest contacting the Dealer General manager and Owner, Volvo Customer support and make sure the Dealer is in communication with the Volvo Field Engineer that is supposed to help address these type of issues.
Good Luck!
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