Q: electiral on 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon

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The oil light and buzzer and the coolant light comes on and stays on, eventhough both levels seem fine (oil maybe slightly over). Sometimes the gas gauge and speedomemter works, sometimes doesnt. Odometer stopped working. All other things work fine,such as headlights, tail lights and turn signals etc.. What could this be?
(2) Answers
Problems with the instrument cluster are not uncommon in Vanagons.
You should first remove the instrument to inspect all of its connections. Make sure everything is clean and tight. If their is no problem found and the problems persist speedometer shops such as can repair the odometer/speedometer and perhaps the electronic issues.
A replacement instrument new or used may be the way to go.
Disconnect the buzzer altogether and just keep an eye on the oil pressure light. It will still light up if the oil is the problem. Aside from that, once you get that dang buzzer to stop buzzing, you just have two lights to monitor, the oil and the temp.
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